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Backup / Disaster Recovery

The need to prevent data loss due to server crash, file corruption, natural disaster or human error is critical to the long-term success and survival of any business.  Businesses small and large need a reliable backup system that is automated, secure, efficient, compliant with state and federal regulations, verifiable and affordable. The era of encrypted cloud based storage has made the backup of data easy, safe and affordable.  With growing security concerns and regulations around data and its use, the time is right to solve your backup needs today.

We provide:

    • Secure Cloud based backup and recovery
    • Compliance with industry standards and state and federal regulations
    • Schedules based on client needs and frequency requirements
    • Full encryption
    • Verification and comprehensive monitoring


Disaster Recovery

If a disaster hits your business tomorrow are you ready today?  Power outages, fire, flood, telecom/internet outage, viruses, hardware failures and sabotage could affect your business at any moment.  What will you do?  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning begins before the disaster – not after.

We provide:

    • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
    • Telecom rerouting (instantly reroute phone calls to any location)
    • Virtual servers and virtual computers (work from anywhere with your systems and data)
    • Emergency facilities (office, call center, etc.)
    • Data recovery from:
      • Hard drive crash
      • Accidental deletion or formatting
      • Software or virus corruption
      • Fire and/or water damage